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The Internet . Express
Jonas Lund

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“Browsing often feels like you’re on a high speed express train, surrounded by companies that want to capture your clicks, show you ads and monetize your behaviour, so theinternet.express puts you to the test, can you avoid the big five, racing against you, or will you crash into them and be subjected to even more ads?” Jonas Lund

Although, in its beginnings, the web seemed to be a horizontal space in which differences were neutralized and there were no big or small fish, nowadays, the logic of accumulation, of the viral, of the multitudes -in their role as prosumers, consumers-producers of information- has imposed itself over the mirage of the participatory.

-in their role as prosumers, consumers-producers of information - has prevailed over the mirage of participation. The new ecosystem, in which the five big fish move at will, establishes in turn a fractal dynamic towards the smaller ones: a new economy based on the "like", on followers and influencers, on the surplus value of the intimate.

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