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I looked around for you, but I could only find myself
WebVR Installation
Martina Menegon

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Clones of the artist's face, scanned in 3D, occupy the virtual space. Immobile and lifeless, some lie on the "ground", others float in the "air". The visitor can teleport and travel through this dimension without architectural boundaries, in which these faces are the only environment to explore.

This virtual environment, in which users have the option of becoming part of the work by using the same face as their avatar, presents us with the digital as a mirror. We enter the web to relate to the other, to what is outside, to what is different, and yet what we see is reduced to reflections of ourselves. In the pages of Internet 2.0, algorithms only show us what we "like", what we "follow", what we consume or what we "search for". The network gives us back a virtual universe molded in our image and likeness.

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Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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A project by MEIAC
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