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Arcángel Constantini

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Repetition ingrains memories and also generates rituals. Like market days. In his work 3AM, Arcángel Constantini offers us scenes recorded in infrared video hours before sunrise, while the El Salado market in Iztapalapa, Mexico City, is set up. The images are shown in a loop, like the loop that is the repetitive work and travel ritual of the vans to the market and the setting up of the stalls.
Constantini makes his nighttime voyage among the stalls as they are set up in the shadow of the "official" market: the discards of consumer society recycled for a new consumer. Armed with his night-vision camera, he comes face to face with faded plastic dolls, rusted tricycles and old, neglected videogame consoles. The viewer is invited to peruse these video fragments, tightly arranged like the stands in the tianguis, just like visitors to the market will be at the crack of dawn.
Keywords: camuflaje reciclaje desechos mercado visión nocturna antihéroes paranoia

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