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Retro You R/C
Hacked video game.
Joan Leandre

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The closed, canned and apparently unyielding codes double as challenging targets in acts of sabotage. Like the one carried out by Joan Leandre in his work RetroYou R/C, in which he hacks a remote control racing videogame by modifying, among other parameters, the force of gravity. Despite these variations, in Leandre's first hacked versions of the game, it remains recognizable, though the user's interaction is dramatically limited. The virtual "reality" experience is transformed into one that is merely digital. It goes without saying that in the digital world there is no force of gravity, there is no up or down, and if it has provided anything to the "real" world, it is to call into question these hierarchical differences. Like the car in the videogame in a weightless environment, it throws the "simulation" of reality up in the air, as well as the inviolability of the closed source code.
In later versions of RetroYou R/C, not only are the physical emulation parameters modified, but also the visuals and sounds. Little by little, the game went from being a simulation of a remote-controlled toy car to a narcotic digital experience in an audio-visual kaleidoscope.



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