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34s56w_Temporal de Santa Rosa
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Brian Mackern

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If we stay still, we will notice that everything is in motion and we will become witnesses to others' voyages. Like someone seeing an arriving ship, birds migrating or an approaching storm.
Certain regularities that are found in nature make us think that there are hidden messages within it. Like the erratic paths taken by clouds. But when attempting to translate nature into human language, rather than read the message, what we should do is decode the "noise": the message is the static.
In his piece 34s56w_Temporal de Santa Rosa (The Santa Rosa Storm), Brian Mackern recorded the static interference caused by the proximity/presence of the Santa Rosa storm on several frequencies. The recordings were made between August 20 and September 8, 2002, in Montevideo, Uruguay.
This storm, which is a common occurrence around August 30, the feast of Santa Rosa, in South America and especially in Río de la Plata, seems to highlight nature's propensity for cycles. A cyclic phenomenon that interferes with radio frequency cycles, the cycles of sound, and leaving this static in its wake as a souvenir.



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