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Bacterias argentinas
Online project.
Santiago Ortiz

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As Santiago Ortiz himself describes it, "Bacterias Argentinas [Argentinean Bacteria] is a dynamic model of autonomous agents that recombine genetic information by eating one another and where genetic information is narration". The piece is a virtual stage that allows for the random crossing of textual microstructures, but within a model with strictly pre-defined rules of behavior. Adds Ortiz: "The most important thing is the feeding process. The bacteria eat each other. When one bacterium eats another it kills it, taking all its genetic information and linking it to its own. In other words, it extends its text with that of the eaten bacterium". It highlights the eternal desire of ideas to feed, to cannibalize, to circulate. In brief, to outlast their human host. The user, in this piece, is limited to the role of viewing the battle over meaning, in a ecosystem of words that compulsively, after each clash, generates new meanings.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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