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Availing itself of all the tools that the information reproduction and distribution technologies provide, the Mejor Vida Corp (Better Life Co.) company has engaged in various actions since 1998, including giving away subway tickets and stamped envelopes, the chance to print out lottery tickets, student IDs for getting discounts, and even barcodes, personalized according to the user's country, to lower the price of food items in supermarkets. Another service MVC offers is a letter of recommendation from gallery owners who are taking part in the initiative. In the artist's own words, "MVC is an independent activist project that uses the corporate structure to subvert its objectives and to stage a full critique of the market economy using mass media, conducting public interventions of a political nature and offering the user the chance to generate micro-political events."
Using the same technological tools that were developed to shore up the growth of corporations on a global scale, Mejor Vida Corp gives those who have been relegated to the role of simple consumers a license for tearing down this mechanism.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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