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Street Access Machine庐
Daniel García Andujar

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In 1996, Daniel García Andújar started developing the project Technologies to the People for an exhibit to be held in Hamburg. The project, which has been presented online and in installations and made available on CD-ROM, uses satire and the presentation strategies offered by the new communications technologies to question the democratic and egalitarian promises of these media and to critique the desire for control that is hidden behind their apparent transparency. In this project, the artist creates a virtual and inexistent company, for which he has drawn up a detailed corporate image (with its associated logos, promotional videos and web pages). The company becomes a metaphor for the use of the new technologies, capable of making us believe possible that which does not exist. One of the products of TTTP is Street Access Machine®, a wireless device that allows credit cards to be validated on the street and which is conceived so that, for example, the homeless can receive a handout when the passerby does not have cash readily available.
The fiction created by Andújar serves to make us aware of the reality that surrounds us and of the lie of the promises of free will that are unforgivably converted into new mechanisms of control and inequality. He adopts (and perverts) corporate methods and their marketing strategies, mechanisms that remind us of the great similarity between the viral behavior of brands and logos in the ecosystem that is the global market, and that of viruses (and memes) in cyberspace.



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