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Iván Lozano

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In his piece 7 sabores (7 flavors), keeping with the theme of devalued popular Latin American superheroes, Iván Lozano comes up with some new ones, Combimen, Lucha King's, Insert Coin and Virtual Vedette, based on local stereotypes. The name of the piece, 7 sabores, comes from a dish that is served casually and which features a colorful mix of various criollo chowders from Lima that form a rainbow of colors, smells and flavors. Looking like a cross between a videogame and digital kitsch, Lozano uses these popular icons to introduce us surreptitiously to a marginalized world, using seduction to transform rejection into curiosity. This "rich combination" of antiheroes proposed by Lozano is presented to us packaged like a videogame, one which might well be offered for sale in the street by one of Lozano's characters, playfully recycling elements from everyday life, colors and flavors, hardships, dreams and anxieties.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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