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Giselle Beiguelman

Processing - http://processing.org/

Wireless application

Software (code_up1)*:
Giselle Beiguelman and Marcelo Eduardo Moraes de Oliveira (INDT - Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia)
Server codification:
Rosfran Borges (INDT)
Coordination: Janaina Pilomia (INDT)
Sponsor: Nokia Trends
Curator: Lucas Bambozzi

Code Movies
HexEdit 2.60 - http://www.expertcomsoft.com
SwishMax - http://www.swishzone.com
Adobe Premiere Pro
After Effects
DVD Encore
Soundtrack: Helga Stein

Lucas Bambozzi
Wal Flor
Juliana Barbiero
Marcio Venzi
Helga Stein
Roger Tavares
Eduardo Brandão
Marcus Bastos
Eduardo de Jesus
Rafael Marchetti
Dirk Heesakker
Arne Graesser
Petra Meyer

*Code_up1.class is an expanded version of "zoom" by Casey Reas. It it is available for download here