In order to run Code_up1, you need

0) download and install the program following the instructions in the read_me file

1) Mobile phone with camera and bluetooth

2) PC, Windows 98 (minimum), Internet Explorer, Bluetooth or Bluetooth USB Adapter

3) Java TM 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment installed. If you don't have, download it here

After Installation and Configuration

1) In your Computer, go to your root directory, open NokiaTrends folder and double-click "run.bat". Minimize the DOS-Window and keep it running.

2) Capture a picture with your mobile phone and send it to your computer (via bluetooth)
Do not forget to rename your images in your mobile to IMAGE. Check the read_me file for instructions about this or how to use a different configuration.

3) Make sure you have closed any kind of antipop-up software

4) Your image will appear in your desktop running code_up1.class.
This allows to manipulate your picture.
DEMO: Check the program running

5) feedback: virtual at desvitual dot com