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Image Pirate
Antonio Mendoza

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Imagepirate.com points out one of the most specific features of digital media: beyond the copy, its possibility to manipulate and recombine. Unlike other copying systems, it is not the accurate duplication that is touted, but rather the active and modificatory intervention of the operator. In this project Antonio Mendoza uses modified and recombined snippets from movies as diverse as The Shining, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Scarface, Blade Runner, Taxi Driver, Shampoo and Nosferatu, as well as footage from different news networks. The soundtrack is also appropriated from recordings of Nirvana, Black Dice, Deerhof, Kraftwerk, Melt Banana and even Mr. Tamale, the band with which Mendoza plays on his days off.
The resulting product is a unique TV channel in a comatose state. An automatic channel that airs with no breaks or commercials, and which seems to be transmitting from the very subconscious of Show Business, of advertising and of communication in the consumer society with a direct line to our brains.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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