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FMOL (Faust Music Online)
Sergi Jordá

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FMOL (Faust Music On Line) by Sergi Jordá is unique in the field of collective participation and generative processes. This work was an invitation in the form of a software application specially developed for the spectacular Faust v3.0 by La Fura del Baus so that creators worldwide could participate online in the composition of a soundtrack to a show comprising numerous brief fragments (around 60 themes of twenty seconds each). Once downloaded from the Internet, the FMOL software is installed in the user's computer as an independent application which combines many sound synthesis and composition features, with the option of connecting automatically to a database containing all the themes uploaded to date. Using this software users were able not only to contribute new compositions, but also listen to and even build on existing works. Each participant who accessed the server with the intention of composing a piece could also modify and enrich earlier works, which created a game based on a musical "exquisite corpse" in which it was possible to know the identity of the different authors of any theme at all times, as well as the percentages of authorship of the work in the event that the piece in question was selected and used. Thus, the idea or musical seed created by an author could evolve in multiple directions simultaneously, each one being equally accessible due to their organization in the form of a tree diagram. As in the case of a kaleidoscope, this pre-programmed musical game was enriched by multiplicity, generating new compositions with each movement, each exchange.



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