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Grey Goo
Acciones en Second Life
Gazira Babeli

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Grey Goo was a viral action carried out in Second Life between October and November, 2006, and consisted of the spreading of a particle script throughout the Net's virtual system.
Grey goo is a term used to describe a hypothetical end-of-the-world scenario caused by molecular nanotechnology: a group of robots would get out of control, replicating until all the earth's living matter had been consumed. In the Second Life universe, it is commonly used to denote objects codified by a player to multiply uncontrollably, consuming the server's resources, in a manner resembling a service-denial attack.
In the same way as in scientific dystopia, this phenomenon, known as "ecophagy", would lead the SL universe to consume itself. The grey goo heralds the end of the virtual world.

The graphic representation of this plague devised by Gazira Babeli emphasizes the idea of multiplicity. The piece features a cluster of Mario Bros, history's most reproduced 8-bit character, the pop bananas by Warhol, who used silkscreen printing to spread his images virally through the art world, and a cloud of questions which besiege the virtual performer, who is alone in a twofold way: she does not stand in the real world, but in a metaverse, as she watches the melancholy landscape of a timeless digital decline.



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