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Urban video-interventions
Fernando Llanos

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Fernando Llanos used the concept of urban intervention and journeys as playful drifts, to carry out his Videoman project (originally called Vi Video), mobile video-interventions in specific urban contexts. Wearing a specially designed harness in which he places a video camera, a projector, a laptop, and other electronic accessories, Llanos is transformed into Videoman, and embarks on his journey through public spaces in different cities of the world. Airports, monuments, goods lorries, and even museums become targets to be transformed by his rays of light. By means of the recording, mixing and projection of images which are put in over the visual urban texture and the passers-by, he manages to convert this electronic graffiti into a superposition of layers of meaning and visual perceptions. Videoman is an active stroller with electronic superpowers, a mixture of an ekeko or masked wrestler, and a peddler. The popular superhero makes the street his "arena" and the image his weapon.



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