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The Intruder is based on the short story La intrusa, by Jorge Luis Borges, which tells the story of two brothers living on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. They are attracted by the same woman, whom they have taken to live with them. They become jealous of each other, to the point that the woman they share ends by becoming "the intruder" who sets the brothers against each other. Finally one of them will choose to "sacrifice" her to save the brothers' relationship.
The adaptation of this story by Natalie Bookchin is arranged into ten interactive games. Each is an adaptation of a classic game, such as Pong and Space Invaders, in which, as we collect points, the text of the story will be revealed to us.
The interaction proposed is therefore very basic, as the focus, rather than on winning, lies in finding out what happens in the story.
The adaptation also positions the woman as an intruder: a woman delving into the world of videogame programming, a universe with a logic which is ruled by masculinity both at the devising and enjoyment levels, with power, domination, success and competition lending value to the game, stimulating its creators and its players.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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