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"For the first time in history there is a dominant economic policy at world level, capitalism. BioCom provides goods and services that improve productivity in the laboratory and advances in biomedical research."
This foreword welcomes us to the BioCom site. Carried out with a medical aesthetic and an exacerbated mercantilist rhetoric, it makes clear to us that the company puts bioscience at the service of economic efficiency and business success. It promises the creation in the laboratory of human beings who will be more efficient and make fewer mistakes.
The website served as a complement to the Flesh Machine performance, which Critical Art Ensemble carried out in several cities in the United States and Europe between 1997 and 1998, and in which the question of a possible new division of classes based on genetic structure was tabled, by means of tests given to the spectators.
This project and the dystopian webpage appears less and less fanciful and its assertions, in the period since they were created, seem less and less fantastic, after having heard and read about them in other pages unrelated to art or fiction.



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