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Valparaiso White Noise
Rogelio L贸pez Cuenca

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In principle, a map is the graphic representation of a particular territory. In his series of cartographical artistic investigations, Rogelio López Cuenca actively de-territorializes the official grid used to describe a city, and he lends light and space to those silenced voices, those latent stresses, those discarded stories that linger more in the streets and inside people's homes than in the pages of books or the mass media. In "Valparaiso White Noise", López Cuenca, with research assistance from Elo Vega, focuses on the strategy of silencing, or cleansing, or concealing, that was used during the military dictatorship, and whose effects still persist. As López Cuenca tell us in his introduction to the work, the white noise which at low volumes can help put us to sleep, can be used at higher volumes to disorient people being interrogated and to drown out sudden and disturbing noises.



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