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His work is constructed with different media: video, film, installation, net art, clips, interactive projects, and CDROM. He was one of the creators and coordinators of ForumBHZvideo (the Belo Horizonte Short Film Festival), and is the coordinator of the Video Department of the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) of Sao Paulo. In 1996 he created Diphusa, an institution which produces and distributes video and electronic artwork. During the same period he also created the first Virtual Museum in Brazil. He participated in shows at the La Habana Biennial, the 2000 International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) in Paris, the Intimate Technologies programme in Banff, Canada, the CaiiA-STAR centre in the UK, and the 25th Sao Paulo Biennial.

Postcards | Online project.

A photo serves as proof of a journey taken. Even though we buy the memory of another in instant, prefabricated form. In the work in progress Postcards, Lucas Bambozzi ...
Lucas Bambozzi


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