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He dropped his civil engineering studies after three years to pursue a degree in fine art, specializing in painting, from Chile's Universidad Católica in 1999. A year previously he earned a diploma in "video and digital esthetics". In 2000 he earned a post-graduate degree in art and new technologies from the University of Chile, specializing in interactive multimedia. He taught at the university until 2006.
He began his theoretical and practical studies of digital media in 1998, taking part in numerous exhibitions, forums and round tables. Since 1999 he has published his work on his own website. His work has been featured at the Festival Internacional de Video and Artes Electrónicas Transitio_MX03, IV Jornades d'Activitats i Mostra Multimedia JAMM09, at the Centro Cívico Golferichs; at the 8th Video and New Media Biennale in Barcelona; at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Santiago; and in "Caleidoscopios" at the Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires.

anemicCover | Software Art, Real-time Performances
Voodoochild is a cyberpunk band from Santiago, Chile, whose sole human member is the artist Christian Oyarzún -the programmer- while the other members are a string...
Christian OyarzĂșn

FLAG | Sketch de Processing. VĂ­deo.
Flag es un sketch de processing que Oyarzún ha utilizado para sesiones de visuales que giraban sobre temática como las banderas, las fronteras, la globaliz...
Christian OyarzĂșn

Guemboi | Online Video Game
The "guemboi" -what some Spanish speakers call Nintendo's "Gameboy" console-is fundamentally about portability, the fact that it can be used in t...
Christian OyarzĂșn

Submit[] | Online project
We live in a time in which the hypercartography of the world, the obsessive labeling of each spot, advances at a dizzying pace. Tools of control that operate like a filte...
Christian OyarzĂșn


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