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The Tunnel People
Website. Action. Installation.
Dora Garc铆a

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The Tunnel People project was originally created for the "Metro>Polis" expo, and was developed along two lines, one involving hypertext with a multi-threaded storyline that presents the fiction of the mysterious underground dwellers that are the focus of the piece, and the other a series of performances by three actors, two men and a woman, inside one of the trains that run on the North-South line of the Brussels subway. The action and dialogue, devised by Dora García and performed by the actors, aim to arouse in the user the need to decide whether the situation created by the performance can be accepted as real, or whether he has been trapped in a show whose purpose is unknown to him. The questions this piece wants to pose include: What is the limit of publicly acceptable behavior? How can a strange situation feel normal? When exactly does a conversation get lost in the absurd? How is fear suggested and danger felt? Why do total strangers inspire empathy or repulsion in us? Is the truth really underground?



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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