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Igor Stromajer

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Characterised by aesthetics which evoke a post-Cold War era in which the side-effects of that war continue to be present on the Internet, re:volution offers itself to us as a machine, a platform for the public to use to comfortably drive the revolution. This is a revolution which, according to the words of our guide, a child named GTA (Great Teacher and Astronaut), has still not been successful, and for which we must keep fighting, armed with out powerful new weapon of war: e-mail.
The project is full of media and consumer icons, political icons from a nostalgic modern era today transformed into clip art, which circulate like devalued information on the Internet. The re-combination of these materials seems to reveal the decadence of power to us: far from those grand speeches and monumental events, they are reduced to tiny 8-bit files.

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