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Tactical Sound Garden
Open software platform for public spaces
Mark Shepard

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The Tactical Sound Garden [TSG], is a set of open software tools with which one can generate what Mark Shepard calls "sound gardens". The participants, using mobiles or laptops with a WiFi connection, can plant their sound material, which will then be geolocalized, allowing for a 3D sound experience when travelling the area receiving the different specialized sounds.
If with his work Serendipitor the artist invited us to embark on an urban drift without intervening in anything except the proposal of the journey, in TSG he invites the stroller to journey through gardens created artificially as collective sound implants, that end by conforming a new landscape, a hybrid between the virtual and the real.
Through the spectrum of WiFi signals our upgraded ear, with the mobile as a virtual prosthesis, adds a digital layer to the physical drift.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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