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Non-linear Streaming Video
Santiago Echeverry

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Memory follows a logic of accumulation of data which may initially surprise us or seem arbitrary. The vestiges of life are composed of filtered experiences from which we make an incomplete map, an individual travel guide. Using an algorithm that organizes life strategies in a way that suit us, we will gradually produce a user's manual that we will finish writing at the very instant of our death: a user's manual that will be of no direct use to anyone else but may serve as inspiration and a mirror for everyone else.
Santiago Echeverry gives us a "never-ending movie" composed of micro-scenes taken with his cell phone and edited at random in the real time during which a viewer accesses the page, making each viewing a unique and unrepeatable experience. His more than 3700 clips have in common only the viewpoint of the artists who, in a sort of self-portrait, allows us to accompany him on his travels and to be witness to some dazzling moments, flashes lodged in his memory, both the electronic and the shared one.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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