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DFT (Discurso para el final de los tiempos)
Net Cinema
Mario Santamaría

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DFT (Discurso para el final de los tiempos , or "A Speech for the End of Time]")
Mario Santamaría shows us an experiment in online audiovisual narration using webcams installed in a number of open spaces and text appearing as subtitles. This text is the final speech of a chief of state to his people, a brief and pointless farewell, moments before the end of the world. As spectators we are aware of the tension between this fiction and the real -or documentary- information supplied by the webcams which, in real time, become a fiction before our eyes. One property of the digital realm is the capacity to mix, and to render data uniform by erasing all physical reference points. The digital here shows no trace of the real, and is immune to any temporal contextualization -the digital doesn't age or become degraded over time. By means of the dozen prosthetic eyeballs supplied by Santamaría we can see the world -and its end-in a different way.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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