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She works in new media and teaches graduate courses in Communications and Semiotics at the PUC-SP in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is the award-winning author of O Livro depois do Livro, egoscópio and Paisagem0 (with Marcus Bastos and Rafael Marchetti). She has been developing projects with mobile communications devices since 2001, when she created Wop Art, and art involving public access to e-panels via Internet, SMS and MMS, like Leste o Leste? egoscópio (2002) and esc for escape (2004). Her projects have been shown at exhibits like the 25th Biennale in Sao Paulo, Arte/Cidade, Net_Condition (ZKM, Germany), The End of the Eclipse (Telefónica Foundation, Madrid) and Algorithmic Revolution (ZKM, Germany). She is the editor of the New World section of the e-zine Trópico, and collaborator with the Leonardo, Iowa Web Review and Cybertext. Her recent publications include Link-se (Peirópolis, 2005) and co-authorship of New Media Poetics (MIT Press, 2006).

//**Code_UP | Online project. Installation.

An odd juxtaposition is what Antonioni proposes in his movie Blow Up. A random encounter in a park, a supposed crime and a single piece of evidence, lost in the fuzzy ...
Giselle Beiguelman

Recycled | Online project.

As Giselle Beiguelman herself explains in the presentation of her work, the site is recycled, meaning none of its pages are original. Nor are the objects included in t...
Giselle Beiguelman


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