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Iván Lozano

He studied art at the National School of Fine Arts in Peru. He received a degree in Radio, Television and Film from the University of Austin, Texas, where he lives and works. He was programming director at the Cinematexas International Short Film Festival. He writes for and for Art Lies. He is a founding member of the Austin Video Bee art group. The prevailing focus of his work is on mass society and consumerism. His iconic images are grouped in compact symbolic units, reflecting a sort of iconographic fetishism of society. He has produced videos as well as animated features, interactive installations and web products. His works have been shown at collective exhibits and festivals in Brazil, the United States, Mexico, Holland, Spain, Argentina and Peru.

7sabores | Website.
In his piece 7 sabores (7 flavors), keeping with the theme of devalued popular Latin American superheroes, Iván Lozano comes up with some new ones, Combimen, Lucha...
Iván Lozano

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