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He received his degree in archeology from the University of Belgrade, and started publishing works on Internet starting in 1994. One of his lines of work involves the ASCII code, on which he based his ASCII Unreal, ASCII Camera, ASCII Architecture, and the ASCII History of Moving Images, among others. He co-founded Nettime, Syndicate, 7-11 and the Ljubljana Digital Media Lab. He organized one of the most influential encounters in the European net art scene, titled "Net art per se", held in Trieste, Italy in May of '96. As a reaffirmation of his idea of net-artists as "Duchamp's ideal children", a la ready-made digital, in 1997 during Documenta X, Cosic made a complete copy of the web page and included it on his own domain. At the conclusion of the event, the official site was taken down, not so the copy on Cosic's page, which is still available. In 2001, Vuk Cosic was invited to the Venice Biennale representing Slovenia.

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This work is defined within the experiments with the medium and with the formal and functional aspect of HTML, browsers and navigation. Metablink makes use of a couple...
Vuk Cosic


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