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Emilio Gomariz works in the digital field by exploring the different behaviors of digital esthetics using a variety of processed and concepts. He using his engineering and industrial design background to model and animate in three-dimensional and virtual spaces.
Inspired by computers and GUI, his art also explores the creative possibilities of the Mackintosh X operating system and software, appropriating tools that generate and animate compositions that occupy the middle ground among minimalism, conceptual art, and geometric abstraction.
His works are chiefly animations in GIF, video, or web languages, Gomariz often works with other artists, programmer and musicians to produce pieces such as Maadonna.com, a digital studio created by Gomariz and Kim Asendorf.

HR URL01 | Software Art

In "HR URL01", Emilio Gomariz invites us to a try a different way of viewing a picture, inserting a graphic file in our computer or any Internet image we choose. His t...
Emilio Gomariz

RGB Landscapes | GIFs

The animated GIF format seems to have risen from its ashes, after its glories in the distant past, in the heroic age of net.art. Having regained their popularity thank...
Emilio Gomariz


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