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André Sier works artistically with code and electronic means, interactive, digital and conventional, where he combines videogames, installations, painting, sculpture, music, mathematics and computation into objects and experiences of imaginary arts, where he merges mythology, interfaces, generative interactive space-time continuums, arts & sciences artifacts, human and non-human interfaces. Awarded artist at The New Art Fest (2017), three times at Lisbon Maker Faire (2014, 15, 16), Bienal de Cerveira (2009) and Jovens Criadores (2006). In the past 25 years has produced objects and serial interactive work that playfully unravel time and space relations, synthesized on electronic substrates, shown at over 27 individual national and international exhibitions, over 100 collective events and exhibitions. André Sier is an electronic artist trained in sciences, arts, computation, with a degree in philosophy, lecturing in electronic arts, educator of digital and electronic arts, PhD candidate in Planetary Collegium at Plymouth University.

577Rhea | Videogame

"You are your planet's last hope. Your corrupted planet explodes. You have to time travel through white holes with primordial essences to prevent the inevitable c...
André Sier

k. | Videogame

"k." is a free adaptation of the imaginary experienced by K. in Franz Kafka's The Castle, which immerses the user in a dizzying journey through infinite navigable...
André Sier


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