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Develops experimental works of a playful nature, highly influenced by the random and chaotic processes of the city, as reflected in the ordered and systematic use of the aesthetics of error. Collector of post-use technologies, which he validates and integrates into his work as a natural deconstruction of technological phenomena and which is given new meaning within an artistic context. Internationally renowned for his work in net art, Arcángel Constantini has been featured at numerous net art exhibits, events and shows like Ciber@rte 04 Bilbao, The End of the Eclipse, Telefónica Foundation, Madrid, the Biennale, Lyon, and DEAF 00, among others. His more notable awards include First Prize at Vid@rte, Bronze prize, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo, and First Prize for Installation at the Interferences Festival. He is the curator of the Cyberlounge at the Rufino Tamayo Museum in Mexico City.

3AM | Website.

Repetition ingrains memories and also generates rituals. Like market days. In his work 3AM, Arcángel Constantini offers us scenes recorded in infrared video hou...
Arcángel Constantini

Infomera | Website. Action via FTP.

The web comes across as a space of virtual interchange where we are free to move around, but also as a space for disputes, like a fleeting stage for arguments, constru...
Arcángel Constantini

Multiversos | Online project.

The way to classify and organize the objects we see in flea markets is as enigmatic to us visitors as it is for anyone, even for the seller, to trace its provenance, t...
Arcángel Constantini


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